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For the much more apprehensive tourists, Sikkim Tourism is very pleased to offer the Sikkim Helicopter Service from Gangtok to Bagdogra Terminal and back. The five-seater Helicopter provides a distinctive way of travel not only allowing linking flights, but also to see Sikkim from a completely new perspective.

Sikkim Helicopter Service also conducts, apart from the typical runs to Bagdogra Terminal and back, unique mountain flights. Come and see the majesty of the Himalayan highs from close up like never before, Feed your eye balls on the splendour and also the gigantic dimension of the fantastic Mount Khanchendzonga, the 3rd greatest peak in the world, or take a look at the symmetrical elegance of Mount Siniolchu, regarded by a lot of people as the most stunning peak in the entire Himalayan range, or hover over Gangtok and find a extensive vista of the theme of the town with its turning streets and several walkways.

Unique flights are also carried out over West Sikkim and North Sikkim for a panoramic view of the monasteries and also the amazing Valley of Flowers, Yumthang.

All voyagers on these types of sight-seeing journey are granted official Certificates of Participation by the Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation as Mementos.      







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